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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Los Angeles, California-based Unbound Studios, a new media company

specializing in animation and gaming for the Web, is looking for 2D


CHARACTER ANIMATOR. . . Sucker Punch Productions is looking for a 3D


character-based games. . . Venice, California-based Brand New School,

a broadcast motion graphics design firm, is looking for an AFTER

EFFECTS ANIMATOR. . . New York-based Tape House Toons is looking for

ANIMATORS to work on a cable TV series. . . New York-based Zanis

Group, a production company, is looking for an ANIMATOR for an

animation series to be posted on a prime site. . . Duluth,

Minnesota-based MadRoar is looking for an ANIMATOR and a GAME

DEVELOPER. . . Luxembourg-based Oniria Pictures, an audiovisual

production company specializing in animation, is looking for an

ASSISTANT ANIMATOR/CLEAN-UP ARTIST to work on a realistic-character

animated TV series. . . Celbridge, Ireland-based The Forge Studios

Ltd., a company developing fantasy and sci-fi feature films, is

looking for CHARACTER ANIMATORS for a CD-ROM project. . . San

Francisco, California-based, independent creators of

original Web-first content, are looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR with

a good knowledge of Macromedia Flash. . . Los Angeles,

California-based FX Networks, a company developing and broadcasting

high quality entertainment products, is looking for a

DESIGNER/MANAGER CREATIVE SERVICES. . . Lincoln, Massachusetts-based

Frank Vitz Productions, a small guerilla graphics production group,

is looking for experienced MAYA ANIMATORS to work on their upcoming

WGBH series. . . Melville, New York-based Sickbay Health Media, Inc.,

an integrated media company, is looking for an ANIMATOR to create

health-related animations for the Web and TV. . . Trivandrum, Kerala,

India-based Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd., an animation studio, is

looking for an INK & PAINT SUPERVISOR. . . Crissier, Vaud,

Switzerland-based Bozen Productions, a upstart effects company, is

looking for a SENIOR 3D ANIMATOR to work on commercials, music videos

and visual effects for films and video games and a SENIOR MOTION

GRAPHICS DESIGNER to work on commercials, corporate logos, music

videos and titles for motion pictures. . . Atlanta, Georgia-based

Fathom Studios, an independent animation studio, is looking for a

SENIOR FANTASTICIAN with strong animation and rigging skills and a

TEXTURAL VIRTUOSO OF SHADING with at least one year of production

experience working with the Maya shading environment. . . San Rafael,

California-based Stormfront Studios, an award-winning game company,

is looking for a SENIOR OR LEAD 3D ARTIST to work on next generation

games for PS2 and the X-box. . . Boulder, Colorado-based Anark is

looking for an ADVANCED WEB SOFTWARE ENGINEER to contribute to the

development of integrated rich media software. . . Mexico City-based

Ollin Studio, a digital animation and post-production facility, is

looking for a TELECINE/COLORIST. . . Beverly Hills, California-based

Footage-Now, a stock footage company, is looking for a WEB DESIGNER

to load QuicktTme clips onto their Web site.

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