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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Big Idea Productions, Inc. is currently looking to hire a 3D MODELING/TEXTURING SUPERVISOR, a MODELING SUPERVISOR and two MODELERS/TEXTURERS. . . Sherman Oaks, California-based Animation Creations, an animation workshop which teaches animation fundamentals to children, is looking for an ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR. . ., an early stage Internet TV station, is looking for ANIMATORS who can build their work with Flash for a brand new Internet television station. . . New York-based Tape House Toons is looking for an ASSISTANT ANIMATOR and DIGITAL INK & PAINT ARTISTS to work on a nationally televised series. . . Luxembourg-based Oniria Pictures, an audiovisual production company specializing in animation, is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER to work on a TV Series project. . . Winter Park, Florida-based Full Sail Real World Education, an accredited entertainment technology institution, is looking for a COMPUTER CHARACTER DESIGN COURSE DIRECTOR. . . San Francisco, California-based Mondo Media, a new media company that creates, develops and syndicates animated entertainment for the Web and television, is currently looking for a WRITER/DIRECTOR for one of their newest on-line syndicated shows. . . Boca Raton, Florida-based CrossTV, a cutting edge Christian television network, is looking for ENTRY LEVEL ANIMATORS using Adobe After Effects, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop. . . Santa Monica, California-based SimEx Digital Studios, a small 2 & 3D animation/effects company, is looking for an ILLUSION ARTIST to work on composite cel & CG animation with color corrections on a commercial. . . New York-based Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA), a training facility for animation and visual effects, is looking for PART TIME FACULTY. . . San Francisco, California-based Discreet, a division of Autodesk, developers of systems and software, is looking for a PRODUCT DESIGNER for the implementation of Discreet product plans and programs, a SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER overseeing the Modeling & Animation Technologies Group and a VAR 3D ANIMATION REPRESENTATIVE. . . Rich-Crest Animation, a 2D animation house creating high-end feature-length movies and videos and its related web sites, is looking for a WEB DESIGNER. . . Sherman Oaks, California-based Animation Creations, an animation workshop, is looking for a WRITER/ARTIST to teach story and character development to children. . . Paris, France-based Alphanim Digital, a fresh young spin-off of the Alphanim production studio which specializes in web animation and design, is looking for a WRITING DIRECTOR to oversee all the scripts in production and work with the artistic director to develop new shows and projects.

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