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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Northridge, California-based Lebedfilm Associates Ltd. is looking for

3D MODELERS and ANIMATORS to work on various animation projects and a

PROJECT MANAGER responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of

the company CG department. . . San Rafael, California-based

Stormfront Studios, Inc., a creative development house, is looking

for a 3D TECH ARTIST who is very familiar with 3D Studio Max. . . San

Bernardino, California-based Brooklyn Born Productions, in

association with Velvet Midnight Productions, is looking for an

ANIMATOR for an anime-style feature intended for the straight to

video market. . . New York-based Clubhouse Studios, a production,

marketing and licensing company developing media content for the

Internet, is looking for ANIMATORS, ARTISTS, SOUND MASTERS and

WRITERS to create and develop character-driven, serial-based episodes

for the Internet, primarily using Flash. . . Santa Monica,

California-based Black Box Digital, a visual effects house, is

looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR for roughly one to two weeks. . .

New York-based Nickelodeon Digital Animation Studio is looking for a

DIGITAL DESIGNER for "Little Bill," a breakthrough 26-part TV

animation series based on the books written by Bill Cosby for

pre-school children. . . Portland, Oregon-based Skyler Animation

Productions is looking for two experienced FLASH ANIMATORS for an

original on-line series for . . Hollywood,

California-based Acme Filmworks is looking for an experienced

PUBLICIST for fast-paced commercial animation studio. . . Valence,

France-based La Poudrière, a school offering two-year professional

training programs in film animation, is looking for a STUDENT FILM

ADVISOR who will be in charge of students' film production. . . Santa

Monica, California-based NxN Software, a leading supplier of digital

media management solutions for the interactive entertainment

industry, is looking for a TECHNICAL CONSULTANT to help the company

develop and market its media technology. . . Los Angeles,

California-based Film Roman, the Emmy award winning producer of "The

Simpsons" and "King of the Hill," is looking for a US ANIMATION 5.0


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