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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Worthington, Ohio's Big Fish Animation is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR and ANIMATION ASSIST/CLEAN UP to work on a TV pilot for a major network. . . Toronto, Ontario, Canada's Cuppa Coffee Animation, a mixed media animation house known for its organic, hands-on approach to animation, is looking for CREATIVE DIRECTORS. . . New York's Curious Pictures, a commercial animation and effects studio currently expanding into web design, is looking for experienced MAYA TD/MODELERS for freelance work. . . Driven VFX is looking for LEAD & LIGHTWAVE TECHNICAL DIRECTORS to work full-time on site in Hollywood, California through March 2001. . . Wildwood, Missouri's Ham On Rye Technologies is looking for MAYA ANIMATORS to work on games that combine virtual reality, live performance and CG-animation into a unique theatre setting. . . Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada's Helix Digital Inc., a new paint and compositing studio providing services to producers of classical animation, is looking for an experienced LEAD COMPOSITOR who will also serve as a mentor and team leader for the other compositors. . . New York's MTV Animation is looking for STOP-MOTION ANIMATORS to work on "Celebrity Death Match," a stop-motion series for MTV Animation. . . Nickelodeon's Digital Animation Lab is looking for a DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT. . St. Louis, Missouri's PANdemonium Productions, writer and conceptual character designers, is looking for ANIMATORS and DIRECTORS for an upcoming project. This is an unpaid job. However, if it is successful, then all money will be split equally between the team.

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