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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Sucker Punch Productions, developers of character-based games, is looking for 3D MODELERS. . . Stony Brook, New York's Inky Dinky Animation Studios is looking for 3D MODELERS, 2D ARTISTS and ANIMATORS. . . Ste Catherine, Canada's Wack Animation Limited, is looking for ANIMATORS for animated television series. . . Burbank, California-based Nickelodeon's Nick Digital Lab West, is looking for an ANIMATOR/MODELER for a cel-shaded production. . . Atlanta, Georgia's Fathom Studios, an independent animation studio, is looking for people with interests and/or focuses in the areas of ANIMATION, LIGHTING, MODELING and TEXTURE MAPPING. . . New York's Curious Pictures, a commercial animation and effects studio, is looking for a COMPUTER ANIMATION DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR. . . New York's k+d.lab, a design firm providing digital, architectural, broadcast and Web design services, is looking for DIGITAL DESIGNERS for its new visualization division. . . Hollywood, California's Essential Entertainment, a start-up producing live-action, reality-based digital video shows and Flash animated episodic shows, is looking for FREELANCE FLASH ANIMATION. . . San Francisco, California's MadLab Creative, a production house focusing on Web content as well as film and television development, is looking for LEAD ILLUSTRATORS/ANIMATORS. . . New York's B3 Solutions, LLC, producers of animation, visual effects and live-action for the television, film and Internet industries, is looking for a TRADITIONAL ANIMATOR/LAYOUT ARTIST.

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