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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Madrid, Spain's Animagic Studio, a traditional animation production company, is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR for a feature film. . . Morrisville, North Carolina's Random Games, a family-run video game company, is looking for 2D and 3D ARTISTS, an ART DIRECTOR and PROGRAMMERS. . . Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Bioware Corp., award-winning game developer, is looking for a 3D MODELER/TEXTURER/SCENE MANAGEMENT and a CHARACTER ANIMATOR. . . Sucker Punch Productions, developers of character-based games, is looking for 3D MODELERS. . . A scriptwriter based in Geneva, Ohio, is looking for an ANIMATOR and an AUDIO ENGINEER/VIDEO EDITOR for an animated film. This is an unpaid job. The finished product's ownership will be split between the three people. . . Berlin-Potsdam, Germany's Stardust Entertainment Filmproduktion GmbH & Co KG, a studio specialized in computer animation and visual effects, is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR, LIGHTING/RENDERING TD and TEXTURERS for the production of a 26-part children's TV series created in Maya. . . Pleasanton, California's FunMail Inc., providers of wireless FunMail for cell phones, is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGN ANIMATOR. . . Cologne, Germany's Trickompany, a leading animation production company, is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER, STORYBOARD ARTIST, FX DESIGNER, PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, PRODUCTION MANAGER, SET DESIGNER, STORYBOARD TIMER and XSHEET TIMER for traditionally animated television series. . . The State of Washington is looking for a DEPUTY ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER, IT ARCHITECT/NETWORK MANAGER. . . Frankfurt/Main, Germany's Scopas Medien AG, producers of commercials, TV series and short films, is looking for a DIRECTOR and a PRODUCTION MANAGER/LINE PRODUCER for an upcoming TV series produced in stop-motion animation with foam puppets and original sets. . . Los Angeles, California's Essential Entertainment, a new production company creating cutting-edge live-action and animated entertainment, is looking for a FLASH INTERN to work on the production process of creating animated series for the Web. . . Los Angeles, California's Fugitive, a fast growing, award-winning design & effects company, is looking for GRAPHIC ARTISTS. . . San Francisco, California's Art Institutes International, a premier, degree granting institution focusing on the commercial arts, seeks qualified INSTRUCTORS in the following disciplines: Art History, 3D Studio Max, Typography, Marketing and Advertising, Design, Color and Theory. . . Los Angeles, California's VWAP! Animation Inc., an animation studio currently producing 3-6 minutes of animation a week, is looking for a PERSONAL ASSISTANT to train for Associate Producer or Flash Animator position. . . Montreal, Quebec, Canada's Toon Boom Technologies, a world leader in the development, integration and support of cartoon animation software, is looking for a PRODUCT MANAGER responsible for all activities related to the definition and commercialization of their cartoon animation software products. . . Munich, Germany's H5B5 Media AG, a high quality fiction and non-fiction film and television production house with its own post facilities, is looking for a SHAKE/AFTER EFFECTS COMPOSITOR.

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