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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

London, UK's Downboy Entertainment, a new entertainment company working on cutting-edge projects, is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR to develop and co-direct an animation pilot. . . KE Consultants is looking for a 2D ARTIST, 3D ARTIST, FLASH GAMING ARTIST, SOUND SPECIALIST and MAYA TRAINER. . . Fremont, California's EStudio, a new media content house, is looking for 2D FLASH CHARACTER ANIMATORS and LEAD COLORISTS to work on original content for entertainment sites such as and . . Chantilly, Virginia's Legend Entertainment, a studio of Infogrames, Inc. currently developing Unreal 2, the official follow-up to Unreal and Unreal Tournament for the modeling and texturing of characters, is looking for a 3D CHARACTER SPECIALIST. . . Wholesome Products is looking for ANIMATION DIRECTORS, CAMERA OPERATORS, CAMERA ASSISTANTS, GRIPS, LINE PRODUCERS/PRODUCTION MANAGERS, ARMATURE MAKERS, STOP-MOTION ANIMATORS and STORYBOARD ARTISTS for stop-motion/mixed medium productions. . . Newtonville, Massachussets' Zoesis Studios, a young Internet company with an innovative online children's entertainment product, is looking for an ARTIST/ANIMATOR/MODELER, CHARACTER BUILDER, GRAPHICS TOOLS DEVELOPER, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, SOFTWARE ENGINEER and SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR. . . Kirkland, Washington's KnowWonder, a digital media works company specializing in the production of computer games and edutainment for children and young adults, is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR/MODELER and HANDHELD ARTIST. . . North Hollywood, California's Film Roman, a leading independent producer of animation programming, is looking for a COLOR KEY STYLIST for the television series "King of the Hill" and an ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT for their creative services department. . . Hollywood, California's Acme Filmworks, a commercial animation studio working with and representing a large number of directors in various mediums, is looking for an EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to assist busy Executive Producer. . . Portland, Oregon's Will Vinton Studios, a leading dimensional animation studio specialized in CG and stop-motion character animation for commercials, TV and film, is looking for an experienced FLAME COMPOSITOR to work in their commercial division and a FLAME COMPOSITOR-CONTRACT to work the night shift for the TV show "The PJs." . . . New York's Brooklyn Films, a feature film, music video and television series production company, is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR for a Seventies period comedy in "South Park" vein. . . Santa Monica, California's Threshold Entertainment, an entertainment company with 3D, film, television and Web divisions, is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR/WEB DESIGNER. . . Burbank, California's RichCrest Animation, is looking for a LAYOUT/THEME PARK DESIGNER for a futuristic robotic city with a slight theme park feel. . . Lisbon, Portugal's Neurones is looking for a LEAD ANIMATOR for their 2D classical animation department. . . Hollywood, California's Klasky Csupo, a production company, is looking for a SEQUENCE DIRECTOR for an upcoming feature.

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