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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Hollywood, California-based Imaginary Forces, a design studio producing groundbreaking work in all media including film, television, interactive, advertising and environment, is looking for an AFTER EFFECTS/MAYA/SOFTIMAGE ANIMATOR. . . Palo Alto, California-based PDI/Dreamworks is looking for an ANIMATION TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR for their computer animation studio. . . Brooklyn, New York-based JibJab Media Inc., a leading online entertainment studio specializing in Flash animation, is looking for CHARACTER ANIMATORS who will be involved in all phases of property development from character design and development to storyboarding and animating. . . St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada-based Wack Wack Animation Limited, a studio specializing in all aspects of animation, is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER & CLEAN-UP and a LOCATION DESIGNER & CLEAN-UP. . . Burbank, California-based Jim Henson's Creature Shop, a company using custom control system technology to create performance animation by puppeteering computer graphics characters, is looking for a COMPUTER GRAPHICS TECHNICAL WRANGLER to support all technical aspects of the CG production process. . . Los Angeles, California-based Tsoobick, a small but state of the art studio, is looking for FREELANCE DESIGNERS with skills in Aftereffects 2D/3D and Avid EDITORS. . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Comcast-Spectacor, owner of Philadelphia Sports & Entertainment venues, is looking for a GRAPHICS COORDINATOR/ANIMATOR for the creation of still and motion graphics combined with animation for Comcast-Spectacor. . . San Luis Obispo, California-based Oddworld Inhabitants, a video game development company, is looking for a JUNIOR TECHNICAL DIRECTOR for its computer graphics department. . . Los Angeles, California-based Visual Impulse Productions, a unique Multimedia Productions company, is providing non-pay internship positions for LIGHTWAVE 3D ANIMATORS. . . West Des Moines Iowa-based Iowa Teleproduction Center, Inc. is looking for a MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER. Work includes animations and special effects for TV shows, commercials and video productions. . . Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based Amberwood Productions, a television animation studio, is looking for an ANIMATION SUPERVISOR for an overseas position. . . San Francisco, California-based Discreet, a division of Autodesk, developers of systems and software for visual effects, 3D animation, editing and production, is looking for a PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER. . . Berkeley, California-based Tippett Studio, a visual effects company, is looking for a TECHNICAL DIRECTOR responsible for all aspects of lighting and rendering of computer generated elements and scenes.

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