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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Storyboard Artists And More...

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-based Collideascope Digital Productions is looking for 2D ANIMATORS and INBETWEENERS. . . Burbank, California-based Rich-Crest Animation, an animation company that specializes in producing feature-length direct to videos, is looking for an ANIMO COMPOSITOR to finish a couple of projects. . . Atlanta, Georgia-based Turner Studios, a full service broadcast production and post-production division of the Turner Entertainment Group, is looking for an ART DIRECTOR. . . Monterrey, Nuevo León, México-based Publik, a television and film post-production house, is looking for a CREATIVE 3D ANIMATOR. . ., electronic greeting cards, is looking for FLASH ANIMATORS. . . New York-based UBO Network is looking for a STORYBOARD ARTIST for the animated series "Jiggy Bug."

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.