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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Instructors And More...

Austin, Texas' Austin Community College, a higher education institution that offers degrees in graphic design, multimedia and Web design, is looking for a 3D ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR to teach a variety of traditional animation, 3D modeling and 3D computer-based classes. . . Worthington, Ohio's Big Fish Animation, a production company, is looking for ANIMATORS and ARTISTS to create 3D environments for commercials and other projects. . . White Plains, New York's Blue Sky Studios, a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment that creates photo-realistic, high-resolution, computer-generated character animation, is looking for an experienced CHARACTER ANIMATOR for a long-term freelance assignment. . . Sacramento's California State Summer School for the Arts, a school providing intensive multi-disciplinary training to gifted high school students, has an opening for FACULTY and TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS. . . UK's Cambridge Animation Systems (CAS), a market leader in cartoon animation software, is looking for a PRODUCT SUPPORT CONSULTANT with the knowledge of 2D/3D graphics packages. . . Washington, DC's Capital Children's Museum, a private non-profit institution, is looking for a MEDIA ARTS INSTRUCTOR to lead/teach a multi-discipline media arts camp for children ages 7-11. . . Hollywood, California's Encore Visual Effects is looking for senior MAYA ARTISTS for full-time and freelance positions. . . Berlin, Germany's Hahn Film AG, a leading animation company in Europe, is looking for DOPE SHEET DIRECTORS. . . San Rafael, California's Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the visual effects and animation company started by George Lucas to create "Star Wars," is looking for ANIMATORS, CG SOFTWARE ENGINEERS/TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS, CREATURE DEVELOPERS, a CREATURE DEVELOPMENT TECHNICAL TRAINER, DIGITAL ARTISTS, MODELERS, PRODUCTION SOFTWARE ENGINEERS, TECHNICAL DIRECTORS and TEXTURE PAINTERS. . . Montreal, Quebec, Canada's Meteor Studios, one of Canada's largest digital animation and visual effects facilities, is seeking to fill numerous positions, including LEAD CHARACTER ANIMATORS, SENIOR CHARACTER ANIMATORS, SENIOR TECHNICAL DIRECTORS, LIGHTING ARTISTS, INFERNO ARTISTS, SHAKE ARTISTS, SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS and VISUAL EFFECTS PRODUCERS. . . Milagros, a start-up company, is looking for a STOP-MOTION MODEL MAKER and PHOTOGRAPHER to create stop-motion models for characters and sets that have already been designed. . . Walnut, California's Mt. San Antonio Community College is looking for an ART PROFESSOR, graphic design/computer graphics, to teach a variety of courses including graphic design, illustration and computer graphics. . . Mexico's Ollin Studio, a visual effects company, is looking for an experienced CHARACTER ANIMATOR for commercial animations. . . Toronto, Ontario, Canada's Sullivan Annemation is looking for a LAYOUT ARTIST to draw animation layouts for a direct-to-video movie. . . Ann Arbor, Michigan's University of Michigan-School of Art & Design is offering ANIMATION & INTEGRATED DIGITAL MEDIA FACULTY POSITIONS. . . Hollywood, California's USA Networks/SciFi Lab, a new creative and production division of the SciFi Channel, is seeking GRAPHIC DESIGNERS and WRITERS to work for TV series, TV specials and movies. . . Budapest, Hungary's Varga Holdings is looking for experienced ANIMATORS and LAYOUT ARTISTS to work on the animated version of a hit live-action series (52 11-minute episodes). . . Wavecrest Entertainment is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR with character experience to produce an adult, male-oriented animated television series.

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