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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Engineers And More...

Congers, New York-based Turner Studios is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR proficient in character animation & 3D modeling in various 3D animation software packages; an ASSISTANT CEL ANIMATOR with exceptional craftsmanship & illustration skills; a CEL ANIMATION PRODUCTION MANAGER with exceptional organizational and client skills; and a part-time CEL ANIMATOR. . . New York-based Improv Technologies Inc. (IT), a software company, is looking for an experienced ART DIRECTOR with insider knowledge of the computer and software industries, technical expertise and marketing contacts; PRODUCT SPECIALISTS to promote the integration of the company game development software, CatalystTM and Orchestrate 3DTM, into the industry; SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS-JAVA PROGRAMMING to assist in the design, implementation and test of its Fusebox products; and SOFTWARE ENGINEERS to assist in the development of its product, Orchestrate3D. . . Luxembourg-based Oniria Pictures, an audiovisual production company specializing in animation, is looking for BACKGROUND ARTISTS to work on high quality TV series. . . Simi Valley, California-based Stark Street Studios is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR, LIGHTING TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, STORYBOARD ARTIST and TEXTURE ARTIST. . . Mexico City, Mexico-based Ollin Studio is looking for a DIGITAL COMPOSITOR with experience in feature film and commercials. . . Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-based Helix Animation Inc., a relatively new studio specializing in classical animation layout and production services, is looking for a GENERAL MANAGER with strong communication, marketing and negotiating skills. . . Visionary Media LLC, an entertainment studio developing original properties online, is looking for LAYOUT and STORYBOARD ARTISTS to work on the online animated series "WhirlGirl." . . . Venice, California-based They, a multi-platform media solutions provider with an emphasis on broadband & wireless content, is looking for a TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER.

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