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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors And More...

Chicago, Illinois' Columbia College, film and video department, is looking for an experienced ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR, TENURE TRACK and/or an experienced INSTRUCTOR with an MFA/MA degree in art/design to teach and oversee storyboard and concept development classes and senior-level production studio classes. . . Hong Kong, China's Full Action Ltd, an animation services company, is looking for an ANIMATION SUPERVISOR. . . Brooklyn, New York's Loop Filmworks is looking for a STORYBOARD ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR, preferably with an animation background. . . Glendale, California's, a Generation Y Website, is looking for highly imaginative, creative ILLUSTRATORS/ARTISTS. . . Maynard, Massachusetts' OmniViz, a leader in providing visualization-based solutions to the biotech, life science and chemical industries, is looking for 3D GRAPHICS/GUI DEVELOPERS. . . Roseville, California's Parable 66 Entertainment, a small start-up studio, is looking for a LIGHTWAVE SENIOR ANIMATOR for a feature-length video series project. . . New York, PMSI Publishing & Media Recruiting, an international book publisher, is looking for a JACKET COVER DESIGNER to handle all phases of book jacket design from concept to production. . . Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada's daVinci Institute, a leader in the area of 3D animation training, is looking for a TRADITIONAL ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR to teach the principles of animation, including stop-motion, classical and 3D computer animation. . . Berkeley, California's Tippett Studio is looking for a 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR responsible for designing and creating the performance of computer graphics characters for films and other media. . . New York's Unbound Studios is looking for a TRADITIONAL/FLASH ANIMATOR to work on Flash animation for broadcast created in a traditional style.

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