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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors And More...

Thousand Oaks, California's Big Idea Productions, a family media company now branching out into feature films, is looking for an ANIMATION ART DIRECTOR, MODELER, SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, SUPERVISOR OF MODELING and SUPERVISOR OF POST PRODUCTION. . . Irvine, California's Blizzard Entertainment, producers of video games, including online games, is looking for PAINTERS/ ILLUSTRATORS who are adept at creating texture maps for environments and the interiors of structures. . . New York's FDG, a live-action/broadcast design production company committed to advancing the fields of visual science, is looking for freelance 3D DESIGNERS/ANIMATORS for various projects. . . Coral Gables, Florida's FireWorks Motion Media, a leading special effects animation boutique and broadcast design company, is looking for an entry to mid-level ANIMATOR/DESIGNER who is proficient in After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. . . Los Angeles, California's Ministry of Design, a motion graphics/design boutique specializing in TV commercials, idents and bumpers, is looking for a MOTION GRAPHICS PRODUCER. . . Glendale, California's, a Generation Y Website, is looking for ILLUSTRATORS/ARTISTS and an entry-level CONTENT WRITER/EDITOR. Experience in journalism or content writing is a major plus. . . Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd. is looking for a STUDIO MANAGER. . . Santa Monica, California's VisionArt Design & Animation is looking for an experienced PAINTER, ROTO/MORPH ARTIST, SENIOR HOUDINI ARTIST and TRACKER.

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