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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors And More...

Venice, California's Digital Domain, one of the largest visual effects studios in Los Angeles, which creates digital effects for feature films, commercials and location-based entertainment projects, is looking for a RENDER WATCHER. . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Drexel University, Department of Media Arts, is looking for an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, COMPUTER ANIMATION to teach undergraduate courses. Depending on interest and expertise, there may be opportunities to teach in other areas including: 3D modeling, compositing, gaming, story conceptualization and character development/direction. . . Rome, Italy's Intens Fashion Group S.r.l. is looking for a JUNIOR PROGRAMMER for Web design, html and hardware assembly. . . Venice, California's Max Ink Cafe, LLC is looking for 3DS MAX CHARACTER ANIMATORS AND MODELERS to animate CG characters for game cinematics. . . Palo Alto, California's PDI/DreamWorks is looking for a CG TEXTURE PAINTER/SURFACER, an ILLUSTRATOR/STORYBOARD APPRENTICE ARTIST with the ability to match several styles and a TRAINING COORDINATOR. . . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Persistence Of Vision, an animation and visual effects company, is looking for a senior MAYA SUPERVISING ANIMATOR. . . Woippy/Metz, France's Silena Productions, is looking for an experienced BACKGROUND ARTIST. Speaking French is definitely a plus. . . Sucker Punch Productions, developers of character-based games, is looking for a 3D MODELER. . . Toronto, Ontario, Canada's Sullivan Annemation is looking for a LAYOUT ARTIST to draw animation layouts for a direct-to-video movie and a STORYBOARD REVISION ARTIST to assist with the revamping of the storyboard on a direct-to-video project. . . Santa Monica, California's Threshold Digital Research Labs, an aggressive film, TV and Web production company, is looking for CHARACTER ANIMATORS with a combination of talents, the least of which is computer skills.

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