New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors And More...

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada's Electronic Arts, a leading independent interactive software company, is looking for an ANIMATOR for a new project that relies on their ability to sell the concept of emotion and personality in their characters, and an experienced ART TECHNICIAN/PROGRAMMER to work on graphics and animation for games. . . Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada's Foresight Animation Studio, a newly created company providing quality animation services to the global marketplace, is looking for 3D ANIMATORS for possible contract work in conjunction with a major film production studio and a FLASH ANIMATOR providing and/or assisting in Flash animations for the Internet or other media applications. . . Canton, Connecticut's Funnybone Interactive, a division of Vivendi-Universal, is looking for 3D ARTISTS with a flair for character animation and/or background development. . . Beverly Hills, California's Meganimation, a virtual animation studio that supplies the animation industry with original animation content from around the world, is looking for 3D ANIMATORS able to design/construct and articulate forms and facial expressions in any of the leading 3D software animation packages, and TRADITIONAL ANIMATORS able to work with X-sheets and animate key animation positions off storyboards and other descriptions. . . Boston, Massachusetts' MIT Media Lab-Synthetic Characters Group is looking for COMPUTER ANIMATORS working with 3D Studio Max on a project featuring autonomous three-dimensional computer-animated animals. . . Oxnard, California's Modern Cartoons, a leading real-time animation company, is looking for a junior CG ANIMATOR for a full time and/or intern position on an animated preschool TV series. . . Glendale, California's Walt Disney Imagineering's Virtual Reality Studio, part of The Walt Disney Company's Research & Development division, is looking for CG CHARACTER ANIMATORS with experience in computer character animation and a TECHNICAL DIRECTOR with experience in set-up and rigging of models. . . Boston-area, Massachusetts' ZAMination studio is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR proficient in Adobe After Effects.

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