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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors And More...

Valencia, Spain's BLACK MARIA STUDIOS, an animation production studio specialized in 2D, 3D and Flash animation for TV, multimedia and Internet, is looking for 3D MODELERS and ANIMATORS with strong abilities for organic characters for TV productions. . . London, United Kingdom's Double Negative is looking for a CG R&D PROGRAMMER for its feature film visual effects team. . . New York's Epoch Films is looking for a RECEPTION/OFFICE MANAGER. . . New York's FDG, a live-action/broadcast design production company in the field of visual science, is looking for freelance 3D DESIGNERS/ANIMATORS. . . Los Angeles, California's Gear-CGI, a CGI TV series producer, is looking for an ANIMATION PRODUCTION MANAGER. . . Buffalo, New York's IBC Digital, Inc., a company producing a variety of animation, episodic shorts & visualization, is looking for a MAYA ARTIST who will run the gamut from character animation to visualization and broadcast design. . . Vancouver, Canada's Noise Media is looking for an ANIMATION WRITER to write a series of three to five minutes Webisodes. . . Santa Monica, California's Santa Monica College, Academy of Entertainment & Technology, is looking for a full-time ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR to teach a full range of courses in computer animation, 3D character animation, 3D modeling, 3D lighting, visual effects, traditional animation, storyboarding, motion graphics and Photoshop. . . Sucker Punch Productions, developers of character-based games, is looking for a 3D MODELER. . . St. Petersburg, Florida's The Home Shopping Network, a USA Networks company, is looking for a MOTION GRAPHIC ARTIST with Flint and Frost experience. . . New York's TZ is looking for a freelance MAYA ANIMATOR. . . Chatsworth, California's Ultimatte is looking for SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS creating the next generation of image processing features for Ultimatte's line of UNIX, Windows and Macintosh-based software plug-ins. . . Santa Monica, California's VisionArt Design & Animation is looking for an experienced SENIOR HOUDINI ARTIST. . . Montreal, Quebec, Canada's Voodoo Arts is looking for a multi-talented SENIOR CG ARTIST.

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