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New Jobs: Animators, Designers, Illustrators Instructors, Programmers And More..

Mohandiseen, Giza, Egypt's Alsahar Animation, a production company, is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR for a feature film. The animator will work through the Internet, no need to relocate. . . Los Angeles, California's Animation World Network is looking for a WEB DESIGNER to help manage and maintain the entire Animation World Network Website. . . San Francisco, California's Apex Pictures, producers of short comedy films, is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR for a series. . . Beverly Hills, California's Batia and Aleeza Hair Care, a wholesale beauty products company, is looking for a PERL/CGI PROGRAMMER for a short project. . . Houston, Texas's Benevolence Entertainment is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER for upcoming animated series. . . Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's College of Interactive Arts is looking for a CHARACTER MODELER INSTRUCTOR and TRADITIONAL ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR. . . Manilla, Philippines' ImagineAsia, Inc., a multi-media animation studio, is looking for a 2D MANAGER OF DIGITAL INK AND PAINT. . . London, UK's ITS, a computer game company, is looking for GAME ARTISTS/DESIGNERS. . . Toronto, Ontario, Canada's Plates Animation, a 2D & 3D computer animation company, is looking for ANIMATORS for television cartoon series. . . Brevard, North Carolina's Possumdog Productions, producers of traditional 2D and stop-motion animation, is looking for an ANIMATION REP/AGENT to pitch their three upcoming pilots. . . Rowland Heights, California's Theme Pages, an Internet company specializing in custom designs, is looking for ARTISTS/ILLUSTRATORS. . . Jerusalem, Israel's Tzohar, an animation production company, is looking for MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATORS, a RENDERMAN, SCRIPTWRITER and TECHNICAL ADVISOR for a mini-series. . . Los Angeles, California's Unbound Studios, an interactive entertainment studio, is looking for FLASH ANIMATORS who also have a solid background in traditional animation techniques. . . Middlesbrough, UK's University of Teesside is looking for ANIMATION LECTURERS.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.