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New Jobs: Animators, Designers, Game Programmers, Producers And More...

Santa Clara, California's Believe Inc., a pre-IPO startup company providing technical solutions to the movie industry, is looking for a SENIOR TECHNICAL DIRECTOR and WEB SOFTWARE ENGINEER. . . Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's Dynomight Cartoons, a full service animation studio, is looking for a DIRECTOR, LINE PRODUCER and PRODUCER for their upcoming slate of proprietary television series scheduled to start production for the fall of 2001. . . New York's H2O Associates, a graphic design and marketing group, is looking for NEW MEDIA DEVELOPERS/INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGISTS. . . New York's Heavy, a multimedia entertainment site, is looking for VOICE-OVER ACTORS to voice ethnic characters. . . Networking People U.S.A., developer and manufacturer of video games, is looking for a 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR/MOTION CAPTURE ARTIST. . . Burbank, California's Nickelodeon is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER and a STORYBOARD ARTIST. . . Rochester, New York's Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Film and Animation, is looking for ANIMATION FACULTY. Classes include drawing movement, character design, animation scriptwriting, animation pre-production, stop-motion animation and graduate-level production workshops for student animated film creations. . . Burbank, California's Rough House Animation is looking for VISUAL DEVELOPMENT ARTISTS, STORY SKETCH ARTISTS, ANIMATORS, BACKGROUND DESIGNERS and COLORISTS. . . Encino, California's TAC Entertainment Staffing, a multimedia entertainment company, is looking for a GAME PROGRAMMER.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the on-line Animation Job Fair.