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New Jobs: 3D Animators, Character Animators, VFX Supervisors And More...

Venice, California's Digital Domain is looking for a VFX SUPERVISORto work in the company's commercial division. . . Winter Park, Florida'sFull Sail Real World Education is looking for an ASSOCIATE COURSEDIRECTOR OF COMPUTER SPECIAL EFFECTS in the Computer Animation DegreeProgram. . . Stony Brook, New York's Inky Dinky Animation Studios islooking for 2D, 3D and STOP-MOTION ANIMATORS for their new studio. . .London, UK's ITS is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR to design graphics forgames. . . Hollywood, California's Klasky Csupo is looking for aBACKGROUND DESIGNER, ILLUSTRATOR/CHARACTER DESIGNER, MAYAMODELER/ANIMATOR and STORYBOARD ARTIST. . . Milano, Italy's NightFlightStudio is looking for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR, INBETWEENER, KEYASSISTANT/ASSISTANT for work on a feature-length movie. . . Berlin,Germany's Pick A Motion is looking for a PROGRAMMER to work onWebsites. . . New York, New York's School of Continuing and ProfessionalStudies - Center for Advanced Digital Applications is looking forINSTRUCTORS/FACULTY/QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. . . Los Angeles,California's Shimato is looking for a SALES DIRECTOR with experiencein 3D animation and visual effects. . . Chennai, India's Span Films islooking for an ANIMATION TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - 3D. . . Mui Wo, LantauIsland, Hong Kong's STVDIO Media is looking for anINKER/PAINTER/BACKGROUND ARTIST to work on various animationprojects. . . Ottawa, Canada's The Dustrunners Project Inc. is lookingfor a 3D MODELER to work on a new animated series. . . Montreal, Canada'sTube Studios is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR. . . Boston, Massachusetts'sVFX Productions, Inc. is looking for a SALESPERSON.

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