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New Jobs: 3D Animators, 3D Modelers, Flash Animators, And More...

Aaronson Ltd. is seeking an EDITORIAL CARTOONIST for mid distribution start-up newspaper. . . Aileron, Inc. is looking for a CONTENT WRITER for a new Internet site focusing on cutting-edge cartooning technology. . . Sioux Falls, South Dakota's Animation Factory, a leading destination for animated clipart and media for Internet and multimedia presentations, is looking for 3D MODELERS/ANIMATORS. . . Aristocrat, a gaming software industry leader, is looking for a GAME DESIGNER, GRAPHIC ARTIST, SOUND ARTIST and VIDEO GRAPHIC ARTIST at their newest location in Tucson, Arizona. . . Atmosphere13, a New York City based design company, is looking for freelance AFTER EFFECTS ANIMATORS, FLAME DESIGNERS and MAYA/LIGHTWAVE ANIMATORS. . . Venice, California's Digital Domain is looking for a TECHNICAL SERVICES COORDINATOR to provide technical support for all digital production requests. . . Tampa, Florida's International Academy of Design and Technology is seeking a 2D ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR, 3D ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR and TRADITIONAL ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR. . . New York, New York's IV Most Consulting, Inc. is looking for an ANIMATOR to work on high density online catalogs. . . Walnut, California's Mt. San Antonio College is looking for an ANIMATION PROFESSOR. . . Sarasota, Florida's Myriad Effects Corporation is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR/EFFECTS ARTIST to create high-impact visual effects for live-action and fully animated shot sequences. . . Nelvana Ltd., Canada's largest animation studio and international producer of programming, is looking for a DIGITAL PAINT SUPERVISOR. . . Luxembourg's Oniria Pictures, an audiovisual production company specializing in animation, is looking for MODEL ARTISTS. . . Chatsworth, California's Pegasus Interactive is seeking 3D ANIMATORS, MODELERS and STORYBOARD ARTISTS for an upcoming cutting-edge, full-length feature project. . . Toluca Lake, California's Soundimind Studios, a visual effects and animation house, is looking for ARTISTS/ANIMATORS. . . New York, New York's studionext is seeking a FLASH ANIMATORSucker Punch Productions is looking for 3D MODELERS and TEXTURE ARTISTS/2D ILLUSTRATORS. . . Hong Kong, China's United Culture Ltd. is looking for a COMIC CREATIVE who can create different comic characters with short stories. . . Vicon Motion Systems, a leader in Optical Motion Capture technology, is looking for a SENIOR SALES ENGINEER - ANIMATION PRODUCTS for their Orange County, California office.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.