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New International Licenses Granted For Lizzie McGuire

The international LIZZIE MCGUIRE team of merchandising partners still expands, with new deals closed in the Philippines, South Africa and Ecuador. Telescreen handles worldwide (excluding North America) merchandising and TV distribution rights of the property.

In the Philippines, Jollibee Foods Corp. has been granted the rights for the development of a Jollibee Kiddie Meal promotion in 600 Jollibee branches nationwide. With every purchase of a Kiddie Meal comes a free LIZZIE MCGUIRE premium toy/gadget, specifically developed for this promotion. The premium range includes a PDA organizer, slam book and Polaroid camera -- with sticker dispenser and flashlight -- all made from PVC and suitable for use in the target market for LIZZIE MCGUIRE merchandising, being young teenaged girls.

The South African market shall soon gain a collection of LIZZIE outerwear, sleepwear, socks and hooded towels from Prestige Clothing/Little Number. Additionally, licensee Limited Cosmetics has inked a deal with Telescreen for the development LIZZIE fragrance, deodorants bath and hair products in South Africa.

Finally, a license deal has been closed with Nestle Ecuador for the production and distribution of LIZZIE chocolate bars/tablets, with a complete collection of newly designed stickers as premium items.

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