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New F/X Studio Mr. X Launches

Visual effects supervisor Dennis Berardi and Toronto-based TOPIX/Mad Dog's Chris Wallace and Sylvain Taillon have launched Mr. X, Inc., a studio providing computer generated visual effects for feature entertainment. The new partnership will combine TOPIX's artists with Berardi, former visual effects supervisor of Toybox, supplying the ideas and directing. Berardi's F/X supervising credits include THE CELL, FIGHT CLUB, EXISTENZ, KEEPING THE FAITH, SUPERSTAR, THOMAS AND THE MAGIC RAILROAD, JASON X and BRIDE OF CHUCKY. In an attempt to cultivate new talent, the studio will work closely with schools such as Sheridan College, Centennial Development Center, Vancouver Film School and CalArts. Software programmer and technical whiz Colin Withers has joined Mr. X as studio tools developer. He was previously technical director at TOPIX, overseeing the day-to-day technical aspects of the studio. Rounding out the Mr. X team are flame* artist Aaron Weintraub, VFX compositor Marco Posinelli, digital matte artist/animator Kristy Blackwell, character animator Brian Anderson and animators Sean Cohen, Shane Glading and Mark Stepanek. Mr. X has just wrapped on the digital effects compositing and on-set F/X supervision for six sequences for CENTURY HOTEL, a Victorious Films (Toronto) feature scheduled for release September 2001 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Mr. X president Berardi said, "We are providing filmmakers with the digital images they need. A company that communicates and bridges the gap between digital technology and creativity, as well as production designers, cinematographers, directors and the digital post-production process, is going to be very well positioned." Taillon said, "I've known Dennis for many years now. We met through work while he was in the digital imaging business, and quickly became close personal friends. I've always hoped of one day working with him as I had kept abreast of his great work over the years, and when the opportunity came along to found Mr. X together, it was a bit of a dream come true for me. And the great thing is, I knew the guy was good but seeing him in action -- well, he's certainly the man for the job." Wallace said, "We've watched Dennis build up the Toybox business over the past few years and when the opportunity to partner with him presented itself, we jumped." For more information contact Mr. X, Inc. at: 35 McCaul Street, Suite 303, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T IV7; Tel.: (416) 595-6222; Fax: (416) 595-9122; or Web:

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