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New Faces, Places at MIFA 2005

Heeding complaints about space and hot air of previous MIFAs, this years international market, in conjunction with the Annecy Festival in France, opened with more space, an improved air system, more areas to gather, a screening area for buyers, even better food and beverage services for those attending.

Exhibitors, such as Finimation, are getting in the spirit, organizing picnics on the lawn in front of the Imperial Palace where the MIFA is held. Some of the familiar returning faces have upped their presence with a booth, such as Kent Braun and his Digicel animation system.

Shanghai Motion Magic Entertainment, established in 1999 as a joint stock company affiliated to Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group (SMEG), has its first booth (4.200) to attract buyers, co-producers and distributors for its 3D BUDDY STORY series (52x10) for kids 8-12 and other new offerings.

Lumiq Studios, a vfx and 3D production facility established two years ago in Torino, Italy, is launching its new HU MAN series with a cocktail party participants are invited to on Thursday, June 9 at 7:00 pm in Salon Verde. HU MAN is a colorful 3D series that takes a humorous look at the inner workings of cartoon channel, and the love interest between two of its stars, a pig and a frog.

The European community invested 40 million euros to establish the studio in northern Italy, which features sound stages, its own Vicon motion capture system and stage and full-equipped editing suites, as well as an in-house animation school. The some 30 animators of the 60-person staff have SOFTIMAGE|XSI and Maya animation tools with mental ray for rendering.

The facility is looking to do service work and get involved in co-productions. Lumiq is doing 40% of the animation on Filmaxs DONKEY XOTE and is a co-financer on the project.

Lumiq ( also has offices in Milan, Roman and Los Angeles.