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New Children's Book Cautions Moderation to Young Videogame Fans

"Just 5 more minutes!!" and "Just let me finish this level!" Families around the world hear these proclamations from kids when asked to put down their videogame controller. With his newly released children's book, game industry veteran Scott Langteau coins a new name for this phenomenon -- SOFA BOY. Now out, SOFA BOY paints a hilarious yet fantastical picture of an extreme case of gaming obsession, accompanied by the eye-popping art of illustrator Rion Vernon.

SOFA BOY invites readers into the living room of an average family. But this family's son has a bigger than average obsession with videogames. Sitting from daybreak to dark on the family sofa, the boy will not stop his gaming and TV gazing to play outside, have dinner, take a bath, or go to bed. He is -- quite literally -- consumed with sitting on the couch. Penned with a clever rhyme scheme and accompanied by captivating illustrations, SOFA BOY encourages moderation in gaming habits, by showing the fantastical fate of one boy (and one cat!) who wouldn't put the controller down.

Langteau, a former "Sofa Boy" himself, is best known as a video game producer for his work on the acclaimed Medal of Honor game franchise. Langteau has worked for companies including DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, and the Jim Henson Company. Currently, Langteau is a co-founder of the videogame development studio Spark Unlimited.

Bringing the pitiable fate of SOFA BOY to life, artist Rion Vernon's illustrations vividly capture the tone of the tale. Vernon resides in Southern California and continues to work as a freelance artist.

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