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New Character Joins Handy Manny Dec. 1

A new character, Flicker, a young curious flashlight, joins Playhouse Disney's hit multicultural series HANDY MANNY with a week of new episodes beginning Monday, December 1 (9 a.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel.

Four new HANDY MANNY music videos, featuring music from and inspired by the series, will premiere beginning Wednesday, December 3 (9:25 a.m. ET/PT). Recurring guest stars featured during the week include Lance Bass (DANCING WITH THE STARS) as the klutzy yet good-natured "surfer dude" Elliot, and Shelley Morrison (WILL AND GRACE) as the grandmotherly Mrs. Portillo. Wilmer Valderrama is the voice of Manny Garcia and Grey DeLisle is the voice of Flicker.

The youngest of Manny's tools, Flicker is learning how to speak English by listening and repeating what the other tools say. While he is always quick to greet everyone with "Hola," he doesn't always understand his English-speaking friends. With encouragement and determination, Flicker becomes a valued member of the toolbox family. Other storylines for the week include Manny getting a new motorcycle with a side car for his tools, the town of Sheet Rock Hills learning about water conservation, a New Years' Eve celebration, the 100th anniversary of Sheet Rock Hills and a trip to the movie theater for Manny and the tools.

"Kelly's Hardware Store," the first of four new HANDY MANNY music videos featuring music from the newly released HANDY MANNY CD, will premiere Wednesday, December 3. New videos will continue to premiere throughout December and January. All of the featured songs are performed by country singer, Chris Rodriguez, and written by Fred Mollin and Chris Rodriguez.

Viewers can see the online premiere of Flicker's debut episode beginning Monday, November 24 and the New Years' Eve themed episode on December 1 at Additionally, all of the week's new episodes will be available on demand throughout the month of December on mobile phones via Sprint TV and AT&T CV.