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New AvatarBooth to start populating the web at Siggraph

AvatarME wants YOU! is the battle cry of London-based AvatarMe Ltd. at this year's Siggraph in Los Angeles. Unveiling its revolutionary AvatarBooth, the company plans to incubate hundreds of 3D avatars from willing public at the exhibition.

The AvatarBooth will automatically generates photo-realistic 3D avatars using breakthrough software technology. Individuals simply stand within an enclosed booth. Their 3D avatar is created automatically using images taken from multiple directions combined with a Seamless Generic Avatar (SGA TM). This forms a lifelike avatar that literally comes to life - walking, running, jumping - in a matter of seconds.

"This is a world first, and we're very excited about launching it in LA" says Stephen Crampton, CEO and founder of AvatarMe. Crampton says the mission of AvatarMe is to populate the Web. Each AvatarBooth can scan up to 50,000 people a year. AvatarMe targets to incubate avatars of people from 25% of US households within 6 years.

For more information on AvatarMe Ltd., please contact: Stephen Crampton