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New Animation World Magazine Acrobat Now Online!

The new Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now available for download. This editions theme is Internet and Wireless. Joe Strike looks into the growing opportunities of repurposing content from other mediums on the Internet. Brands still dominate, but a growing number of opportunities exist for animators to sell their content for cell phone distribution. Karen Raugust reports. Christopher Harz examines the international new media market, chronicling its evolutions and revolutions. Additionally, Harz looks into the real potential of IPTV is it a boom waiting to explode or is a fad thats soon to bust?

Moreover, we have J. Paul Peszko looking at Blue Yonder Films independent production of HOODWINKED from its creation to its distribution by the Weinstein Co. Mike Fallows looks into Weta Prods. move from creating King Kong for the big screen to creating dragons in JANE AND THE DRAGON for the small screen.

In the first of a three-part series, Sharon Katz talks with independent animators Patrick Smith and Signe Baumane about the agony and the ecstacy of entering ones film into festivals. In other columns, Dr. Toon continues doing laps around the issues of adult animation in America from 1997 to 2006. In the first Animators Unearthed column by Chris Robinson, he profiles AT THE QUNITE HOTEL by director Bruce Alcock. In this months Mind Your Business, Mark Simon travels to the land of Creativity, swimming the rivers of Development to the fields of Production. Nancy Cartwright wipes the slate clean for 2006 and tells us how we can all start over again. The Career Coach addresses how to manage your time better so that you can finally finish that big pet project you;ve always wanted to do.

In reviews, Barbara Robertson flies to Genzano, Italy, for the I Castelli Animati festival and says bravo to what she found there. Philippe Moins travels to FITA in Angouleme to witness the spotlight on new animated features from France. Again in Fresh from the Festivals, Taylor Jessen reviews film new short animated films.

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