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New In The Animation Showcase: Scott Clark And Dr. Filmgood

In the past twenty years that Canadian artist SCOTT CLARK has been producing art, his life has gone down many creative paths. For him, animation is the ultimate art form, bringing together storytelling, line, color, music and movement. Scott Clark's gallery features acrylic paintings inspired from his travel along the West Coast Trail of Canada, and to the US and Nepal. Plus, there are background paintings from his animated/live-action short film in progress, "Keeping Balance." British artist Grant White, aka DR. FILMGOOD, started his animation career as an animator on commercials and series, and then alternated between the animation and illustration worlds. After 20 years in animation, he came across where it is at, when someone invented this Web lark which has leveled the playing field. is where you can find Dr. Filmgood. Headache? The doctor has the prescription for all your Web ailments! Dr. Filmgood's gallery features storyboards, drawings and Flash animations.

See the artwork of Scott Clark and Dr. Filmgood in the Animation Showcase.

Peter Chung, Bill Plympton, Raoul Servais and much, much more! The Animation Showcase is our slick new online gallery featuring work from some of the world's leading animators as well as emerging talent -- a valuable resource for creative professionals, recruiters and development professionals. For information on how your work can be showcased on AWN, download the AWN Animator Affiliate packet and learn all about our free animator promotional program.