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New In The Animation Showcase: Louis K. Wang

Louis K. Wang is a visual artist with a background in photography. He studied and worked in the US before returning to his hometown, Taipei. His gallery on AWN features Web graphics, plus images from the pilot of an anime style show, plus more from a project for a CD production and an educational game. Also new this week in the Animation Showcase: "Liquid Fish," a new series of work by Jean Detheux, with images and clips.

Peter Chung, Bill Plympton, Raoul Servais and much, much more! The Animation Showcase is our slick new online gallery featuring work from some of the world's leading animators as well as emerging talent -- a valuable resource for creative professionals, recruiters and development professionals. For information on how your work can be showcased on AWN, download the AWN Animator Affiliate packet and learn all about our free animator promotional program.