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New In The Animation Showcase: Artists Lee Lanier and Pramod Sahoo

Lee Lanier is known for his gritty, black-and-white, absurdly surreal short films. Surprisingly, his work is a product of computer animation. Lee worked at Pacific Data Images as a lead lighter and lead modeler on "Antz" and "Shrek." His first short, "Millennium Bug" was shown at numerous festivals and such venues as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Smithsonian Institution. Lee just completed his second computer animation short, "Mirror." Pramod Sahoo is the creator and founder of, India's only site showing Webisodes starting with the "Sandoo" series. Plus, new in the Animation Showcase, two new series of work from Jean Detheux, with QuickTime movies: "CP" and "Voyage." View their work in the Animation Showcase!

In "Millennium Bug: A Far Cry From a Y2K Disaster," Lee Lanier, director of "Millennium Bug," describes how he took black and white photographs and turned them into a moving, satirical peek at the future. This article includes a QuickTime clip of "Millennium Bug."

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