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Nevercenter Releases Silo 1.16

Nevercenter Ltd. Co. has released its new modeler Silo, version 1.16, which now includes support for linking to RenderMan-compliant renderers and POV-ray for direct rendering from Silo. Options include the ability to add header and footer files to the render file, and the ability to optionally include or exclude light, camera and material information. In addition, version 1.16s improvements include a more advanced universal manipulator and manipulator options, as well as some tool enhancements and workflow improvements.

Additional 1.16 updates include:* Integrated rendering for Renderman-compliant renderers and Povray, expandable to others* rib and .pov export formats added* Custom lighting (point, spot, and infinite lights)* New universal manipulator allows for all possible transforms in one manipulator* Flatten command options added* Alternate auto-orient manipulator modes added (such as orient to object axis, to world, to normal, etc. on each new selection)

The latest version of Silo is available for download at the Nevercenter Website, Previous Silo users get the upgrade for free. New customers can try the free 40-use demo included with the full version, and buy the full version for $109.

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