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Netguru Introduces Axa-Web 1.0 Animation Software

NetGuru, Inc., an integrated Internet technology and software

company, is now shipping AXA-Web 1.0, an accessory software

application for AXA Team 2D, its leading 2D ink & paint/compositing

animation software for the Window's environment. AXA-Web 1.0 provides

for batch raster to vector conversion for existing users of AXA as

well as all the major bitmap and vector file formats for conversion

for use on the Web, in Flash, or for print work. AXA-Web 1.0 lets the

user take animation out of AXA Team 2D and convert the files in a

batch process to vector files which can be imported automatically and

sequentially into Flash -- currently the leading development tool for

creating Web-based animation. NetGuru also announced that the AXA

Team 2D Windows 2000 compatible release will be shipped in the Fall.

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