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Nerd Corps Sues Kidz Ent. for Back Fees

Nerd Corps Entertainment has filed suit against Danish licensing agent Kidz Entertainment surrounding payment of show delivery of STORM HAWKS, according to KIDSCREEN.

Filed in January in British Columbia, the suit alleges that Kidz agreed to pay $267,300 (approximately) for the delivery of 26 episodes of action series STORM HAWKS and marketing and licensing the property in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Nerd Corps say they delivered the episodes in January 2008 and invoiced their fee three times without payment. Kidz also allegedly failed to market, distribute and license the show as agreed.

The suit seeks the agreed-upon fee plus general damages. Nerd Corps is in discussions with Kidz and Nerd Corps President Ken Faier said he was optimistic the matter would soon be resolved.

Kidz's Claus Tomming told KIDSCREEN, "News of Nerd Corp Entertainment's legal action against us with regards to STORM HAWKS has come completely out of the blue. We can say little at this time except that we have enjoyed a positive and productive relationship with them to this point and it is our intent to continue to do so going forward."

-- By News Editor Annemarie Moody