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Neo And Trinity: Coming To A Toy Store Near You

McFarlane Toys and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have joined forces to create action figures based on Warner Bros. Pictures' highly anticipated second and third installments of THE MATRIX Trilogy -- THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, both slated for release in 2003. Action figures based on the films will debut in conjunction with each film's release. McFarlane Toys is working closely with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to determine which characters will become action figures. The product line will be geared to the adult collectible market and initial plans call for development of dioramas depicting critical scenes from each of the three movies. "Powered by unique visual moments and strongly identifiable characters, THE MATRIX films are perfectly suited for action figures," said McFarlane Toys founder Todd McFarlane. "We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues at Warner Bros. to create a MATRIX action figure line that reflects the trilogy's highly stylized and innovative storytelling." THE MATRIX RELOADED is scheduled to premiere in U.S. theaters May 15, 2003, with THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS debuting in winter of 2003.