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Nemo Bests Lion King's Total Gross

For those who want to be nit-picky, it's official: Disney/Pixar's FINDING NEMO, which has grossed $328,751,122 as of Aug. 21, 2003, now stands alone atop the animation box office chart, passing Disney's THE LION KING's total gross of $328,541,776, including the most recent IMAX reissue.

With Disney and DreamWorks both transitioning away from hand-drawn features (in which the computer is used merely as an enhancement), it may be quite some time before we get another 2D blockbuster hit. But as most in the animation community keep reminding us, it's not about tools; it's about storytelling, which is really the great lesson from Pixar and why FINDING NEMO has become the most successful film of 2003.