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Nelvana's Beyblade Spinning Top Returns

Press Release from Nelvana Enterprises

(June 2, 2009 -- LICENSING INTERNATIONAL EXPO -- Las Vegas, Nevada) -- Nelvana Enterprises, together with d-rights Inc., is thrilled to announce the return of the internationally successful BEYBLADE toy and programming franchise, with the introduction of 51 new episodes and a revamped toy line, both to be called BEYBLADE: METAL FUSION.

The BEYBLADE series features characters competing for dominance with their BEYBLADE tops, battling with an evil organization, Dark Nebula. The original BEYBLADE toy line was a massive hit with boys, often selling out in stores and attracting thousands of competitors to its tournaments around the world. It was awarded Toy of the Year in 2002 and 2003.

BEYBLADE: METAL FUSION will feature 51 new episodes co-produced by Nelvana and d-rights. Set to launch in North America in Fall 2010, the new series features a fresh cast of characters that take on the continued battle between good and evil. The companion toy line is produced by Tomy Company, Ltd. Hasbro, Inc. has been chosen as the master toy licensee outside of Middle East and Asia. Hasbro brought the product line successfully to market in the U.S. and other regions in 2002. Nelvana Enterprises will represent d-rights in various countries, distributing the TV series internationally, as well as for merchandising rights and home video.

The new TV series and toy line have already launched in Japan to great fanfare. The toys include all the customization features that kids love while progressing to an all-metal gear system for even more exciting battles. All-new tournaments for the BEYBLADE Battle Association are planned for North America.

"Nelvana is excited to be part of the relaunch of this global toy phenomenon and to work with our international partners to bring kids this great updated toy line and new television episodes" said Mark Northwood, Vice President, Worldwide Licensing, Nelvana Enterprises.

"We are thrilled to have been chosen for the relaunch of BEYBLADE," said Derryl DePriest, Hasbro's Vice President of Marketing. "Millions of kids around the world enjoyed our popular BEYBLADE product line. The innovations that our designers plan to bring to BEYBLADE tops will offer kids even more exciting and dynamic ways that they can compete in BEYBLADE battles."

Representatives from Nelvana Enterprises are at Licensing International Expo this week in Las Vegas at Booth 2211.