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Nelvana Picks Up Babar

Corus Entertainment's Nelvana has acquired all proprietary rights to BABAR. Laurent de Brunhoff, son of BABAR creator Jean de Brunhoff, made the deal through The Clifford Ross Company on behalf of the de Brunhoff family. The Nelvana acquisition includes 100 percent of all trademarks and copyrights to the BABAR property, as well as the de Brunhoff family's financial interests in the brand. The de Brunhoff family has reserved certain publishing rights, which will allow Laurent de Brunhoff to continue publishing his own BABAR books. As joint licensees of BABAR Merchandising worldwide The Clifford Ross Company and Nelvana have entered into a five-year agreement calling for Nelvana to administer the substantial BABAR merchandising program on behalf of both companies. Nelvana, in association with The Clifford Ross Company, has also produced the BABAR TV series and feature films with various co-production partners. The broadcast, home video and theatrical rights to the animated programming have been sold worldwide. One hundred merchandising licensees are presently signed to the property. The world's most well-known elephant celebrates his 70th birthday in 2001 with celebrations in France and Japan, where the brand continues to perform strongly.