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$40,000 Creativity in Motion/Thatcher Hoffman Smith PrizeNorman, Oklahoma, USAApril 10, 2005Deadline: January 15, 2005

The University of Oklahoma College of Arts & Sciences is hosting biennial $40,000 Creativity in Motion/Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize honoring the creative process. This prize was established in 2002 to recognize and encourage the process of creativity as it unfolds and is expressed by individuals in diverse ways.

The Creativity in Motion/Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize, established in 2002, is funded through the generous contributions of Oklahoma City supporter Jeanne Hoffman Smith. This biennial award, dedicated to recognizing, honoring and encouraging the creative process, is a collaborative effort with OUs College of Arts & Sciences. The prize awards an unrestricted sum of $40,000 to an individual whose work demonstrates original thinking and the promise of continuing creative work. It celebrates a visionary work in process, recognizing the potential power of its original expression to affect and enrich the world around us. The work or project must be under way at the time of application. Named to honor Jeanne Hoffman Smiths mother and father, Grace Thatcher and Roy Hoffman Jr., this unrestricted award is unique in its lack of parameters.

Through self-nomination or nomination by another, submissions are open to all fields of creativity, including, but not limited to the arts, cultural affairs, education and science. Submission forms are available online at or from the University of Oklahoma College of Arts & Sciences office at (405) 325-2347. Applications must be postmarked by midnight, Jan. 15, 2005. The prize will be awarded and the 2005 recipient honored on April 10, 2005.

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