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Need 3D Training/Education?

If the answer is yes, Insight Media can meet your needs. Insight Media is a leading display industry market research firm with a special focus on 3D.

Need 3D Training/Education?

Press Release from Insight Media

If the answer is yes, Insight Media can meet your needs. Insight Media is a leading display industry market research firm with a special focus on 3D. Insight Media has invested thousands of hours researching emerging 3D display technologies and 3D markets. This in-depth research, and the knowledge gained, has prepared us to provide 3D training/education across the entire 3D ecosystem.

Who can benefit from 3D education?

    * Your company's sales/marketing staff

    * Dealers

    * Retailers

    * System integrators

    * Hardware and/or software developers

    * Display makers

    * Broadcasters

    * Content creators

    * Almost anyone in the entire ecosystem of 3D from content creation to display manufacturers!

Workshop topics can be specifically tailored to the audience and/or your company's specific needs. *Basic*, *Intermediate &* *Advanced Level* courses are available. Courses may be delivered both on-site and via webinar.

We offer 3D Workshops/Education in the following areas, but are available to offer customized seminars as well:

    * Is 3D Real?

    * Basics Of Stereo Vision

    * Stereoscopic Cameras and Camera Rigs

    * Acquiring Good 3D Content

    * Computer Generated 3D Content

    * 3D Encoding and Transmission

    * Basics of Projection Displays

    * Basics of Flat Panel Displays

    * 3D Glasses

    * 3D Electronics and 3D Playback

    * Stereoscopic Displays (Technology, Key Suppliers, Pros And Cons,

      Status, Applications)

    * Blended and Novel 3D Displays

    * Forecasts for 3DTVs and Projectors

    * Autostereoscopic Displays (Technology, Key Suppliers, Pros and

      Cons, Status, Applications)

    * 3D Metrology

    * 3D Human Factors and Safety

    * 3D Demos

    * So You Just Bought a 3D PC -- Now What?

    * Design Considerations for an End-To-End 3D System

Pricing is dependent upon the modules chosen as well as the location and duration of the training session. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

About Insight Media

Insight Media is a market research, publishing and consulting firm focused on the emerging segments of the display industry. We look for areas where display technology is in the early stages of commercialization, where market opportunities are emerging or where significant business and investment decisions are being made. This strategic focus leads us to several core areas such as 3D Displays, LED or Laser-based Display Systems, Green Display Technology, E-Paper and Large Area OLEDs, where we track the technology, components, products, markets, applications, manufacturing and business aspects of consumer and professional display markets. The company publishes daily and monthly news and analysis as well as in-depth annual technology/market reports. It also hosts industry conferences, provides strategic and tactical consulting services and offers industry education via webinars and on-site seminars.