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NBC Gets Freezerburnt This Christmas

U.S. broadcaster NBC has acquired A FREEZERBURNT CHRISTMAS, a new stop-motion animated special, and plans to air it in prime time this holiday season. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast members Chris Parnell, Darrell Hammond and Horatio Sanz lend their voices to this half-hour special from Wreckless Abandon Studios and distributor Broadway Video Enterprises. When a shy, down on his luck character named Freezerburn stumbles upon an evil toy magnate planning to take down Santa Claus, he summons his gang of quirky pals to warn Santa and save Christmas. The special is scheduled to air on NBC December 21, 2002 at 8:30 pm, following Bill Cosby's FAT ALBERT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Broadway Video Enterprises (BVE) is a division of Broadway Video Entertainment, a company founded in 1979 by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE creator Lorne Michaels. BVE is bolstering its presence in the animation arena with high-profile partnerships with Aardman Animations (REX THE RUNT), Egmont Imagination (HAMILTON MATTRESS), Cuppa Coffee Studios (TED'S BED, CINEMA SUE, GORDON GIRAFFE, CLEVER TREVOR) and Wreckless Abandon Studios (THE CURSE OF SOMBERVILLE, A FREEZERBURNT CHRISTMAS).