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NaturalMotion Launches endorphin 2.0 at GDC 2005

NaturalMotion Ltd. will launch version 2.0 of endorphin, its award-winning 3D animation software, at GDC 2005 (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco (March 9-11, 2005, booth #548). Scheduled to ship on the same date, endorphin 2.0 boasts major new features, including multi-layer behaviors, support for the Avid Alienbrain Studio asset management and Perforce software configuration management systems, an improved GUI (including layered behavior support on the timeline) and further enhanced adaptive behaviors.

Torsten Reil, ceo, NaturalMotion, said, The ability to apply multiple adaptive behaviors to a character at the same time has been a much requested feature, so were delighted to be able to bring this to current and new users in time for GDC 2005. In addition, as our customers are continuing to integrate endorphin into more and more pipelines, it was a natural step for us to provide support for both Alienbrain and Perforce.

endorphin already has an established reputation for allowing animators and productions to take advantage of spectacular productivity gains, often measured in orders of magnitude. Adding the ability to use multiple adaptive behaviors only bolsters that status, allowing animators to do more, more quickly, as well as further enhancing the creative potential of the software. Support for Avid Alienbrain Studio and Perforce provides seamless back-end security and versioning, and allows endorphin to fit seamlessly into established animation workflows throughout the 3D industry, from boutique games house to Hollywood giant.

I think people will also be amazed to see some of our new adaptive behaviors, such as jumping, Reil added. They are at the core of endorphin, are all fully customizable and allow animators to achieve spectacular, realistic animations faster than ever before. Plus with the new layering feature, users can add adaptive behaviors to their animation data, thus modifying existing assets to a degree that has been previously impossible.

endorphin 2.0 will be available on March 9 from NaturalMotion and its appointed resellers at $12,795.

NaturalMotion Ltd. ( is the creator of Dynamic Motion Synthesis, a break-through in 3D character animation based on Oxford University research on the control of body movements. Founded in late 2001, the company has recently won a Game Developer 2005 Front Line award for its innovation in game development technology.