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Natterjack Spots Cartoon Network's Scare-A-Thon Promos

Vancouver-based Natterjack recently completed 19-minutes of animation for Cartoon Network's "Scare-A-Thon Sweepstakes" Halloween promotion, featuring characters from SCOOBY-DOO and COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG. The overall project involved the design and animation of 16 1-minute bumpers and 3 1-minute ads. The promos have the cast of both shows telling ghost stories, which frighten Scooby and Courage. Viewers, after witnessing the two dog's reactions to the various scary tales, are encouraged to call in and vote for the 'scardiest' dog. After receiving the scripts, Natterjack had about one month to deliver the final animation. "Not since Ub Iwerks animated SKELETON DANCE, I believe, has so much full animation been designed and completed in so little time," said Steve Evangelatos, Natterjack's director. "It must be something about Halloween that inspires people." Colleen Pollock, Natterjack's producer, said, "All the animators and the rest of the team thoroughly enjoyed the project. Though I think everyone just stayed in bed for a week after it was done. Also, Cartoon Network was terrific to work with, and placed their full trust in us. That's a pretty big factor."

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