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NATPE News: TVS Trotts To NATPE With Angelic Animated Series

The Orlando-based Television Syndication Co. (TVS) and Pausoka, the Spanish co-producers of the 26 episode animated series, CLOUD TROTTERS -- which is drawing large audiences and raves in Europe -- have inked an exclusive distribution agreement that calls for TVS to distribute the English language version of the series in the USA and other English speaking countries of the world. TVS will introduce CLOUD TROTTERS to broadcasters at the upcoming NATPE 2004.

TVS will be distributing 26 half-hour episodes of the English language version of CLOUD TROTTERS in the English-speaking countries, according to TVS director of marketing Bob Yde.

The series features lovable little angels who come to Earth to bring fun and excitement to their fellow classmates The series is built around young angels Amber, Brighter, Sterling and Cherub, who make themselves at home in a new school with some colorful classmates. Despite their good intentions, their innocence seems to constantly place them and their friends in many situations that are both challenging and entertaining.

TVS (, which boasts a catalog of more than 6,000 hours of distinctive programming, ranging from reality series to game shows and animation, serves the worlds television, video/DVD, inflight entertainment and educational outlets.

TVS president Cassie M. Yde, Bob Yde, and program coordinator Barb De Maio will be at NATPE booth 1234 at the convention hall.