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NATPE News: Playhut Debuts At NATPE 2004 With Signz Of New Animation

In its debut as a NATPE exhibitor, Playhut Entertainment, the entertainment and programming subsidiary of toy manufacturer Playhut Inc., will introduce buyers to Chinamation, five new series featuring the distinctive artistic style of China's top independent animators and premiere the pilot episode of its first animated pre-school series, LITTLE SIGNZ.

Playhuts branded Chinamation properties are DECHENG, WAY OF THE WARRIORS, LITTLE MONK, MIGHTY BUNCH and BIRD ISLAND.

DECHENG is a 52x22 action adventure series set in ancient China. The show follows orphan DeCheng as he returns to his war-torn homeland to fulfill his destiny of becoming a great warrior and savior.

WAY OF THE WARRIORS is a 52x22 action adventure series. The story follows the centuries old battle between the Sui and Tang dynasties in a world full of magic and powerful female warriors.

LITTLE MONK is a 52x11 animated series for children 3-8. The story follows mischievous and playful Little Monk as he learns from his experiences lesions about patience, respect and problem solving.

MIGHTY BUNCH is a 26x22 animated action-comedy. The plot follows the young Chinese Crusaders as the use their brainpower and kindness to outwit oppressors of the weak and poor.

BIRD ISLAND is a 52x22 animated sci-fi adventure series featuring a combination of the personal dramas and high-style action of a teenager with supernatural powers struggling to uncover the truth about his human and alien heritage.

We are very excited about introducing this new wave of animation style, Chinamation, to attendees and buyers at NATPE 2004, said Brian Yu Zheng, Playhut Ent. founder/ president. This innovative and unique style is certain to attract audiences who enjoy animated programming, and our series reflect a diversity of themes that will appeal to a universal audience.

Playhuts other big offering, LITTLE SIGNZ, created by Yu Zheng, is the first in a series of new, original creations that will be produced by the company during 2004.

The LITTLE SIGNZ series, targeted to kids 3-7, takes viewers into a vibrant and magical urban world, where traffic signs come to life to portray simple and easy stories about safety and cooperation with the goal of keeping Big City a safe and clean place to live. The Signz are spunky and clever signed-based characters with human characteristics that children can relate to and recognize from their own environments and communities.

Children will easily relate to the loveable collection of characters and objects, said Yu Zheng, as these real-life images come together to provide stories that present strong messages about the importance of working together when it comes to safety in their community and neighborhood. We look forward to introducing further programming that is innovative and attractive to young viewers.

The first episode of LITTLE SIGNZ, entitled Little Signz: Teamwork, was directed by three-time Emmy Award-winning director Robert H. Fuentes III. It features a full cast of characters, including Ziggnal, Sassy Stoppy, Gizzmo and Captain Yield, as they work together to create a safe and fun parade in Big City.

Playhut Ent. ( is a division of Playhut Co., a toy designer and manufacturer. The new arm focuses on film and television production and distribution. Playhut will be located at booth 1834 at NATPE 2004.