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NATPE News: GDC Brings Moebius Strip Feature & Panda Series To Vegas

GDC Entertainment Ltd. will be showcasing, at booth 1271, its recently completed CGI feature, THRU THE MOEBIUS STRIP, funded and produced entirely in China.

Exec producer and ceo of GDC (Global Digital Creations) Raymond Neoh will be on hand to take attendees from the MOEBIUS concept he optioned from renowned illustrator Jean Moebius Giraud only a few years ago through the production steps at GDC's IDMT studio in Shenzhen. The 74-minute movie is also being developed as a TV series.

THRU THE MOEBIUS STRIP is an intergalactic story of physicist Simon Weir, who becomes lost and trapped in a space-time portal he created. Eight years later, his son, Jac Weir, must search for him through a myriad number of planets, filled with wondrous sights and often gigantic beings. Once finding his father, Jac discovers that part of the "rescue" process is going to involve helping his father's giant alien friend regain his throne.

The animation is based upon more than 400 sketches by Girard, who personally supervised the entire production from Paris. The animation budget was $8 million. FERNGULLY scribe James Cox wrote the script directed by Frank Foster.

GDC is also offering the CG animated series, FLYING PANDA. The 52x11 series is targeted for young kids and features a pretty fantasy world where adorable Panchel, a panda bear has wings.

In addition to sales and distributors, GDC is seeking co-production and content partners. GDC is also available for service work with CG capabilities in feature film, TV series & games and art services.

GDC has been training animators and digital artists for CG production in Shenzhen since November 2000. Top graduates join GDC�s 300+ staff at its 80,000-sqaure foot production facilities while new studios in China recruit its students to keep up with the growth of production in mainland China.

The company's vision is to build a China-based, world-class quality CG production team targeting international and domestic productions and to develop a value chain of digital content distribution in China using digital cinemas as the distribution channel.

In September 2001, the GDC held the first successful live demonstration, outside of the U.S, of distributing FINAL FANTASY via satellite transmission to the two digital cinemas in Beijing and Shanghai. The movie was digitally compressed, encrypted along with the multi-channel audio tracks and Chinese subtitles, using GDC Technology Ltd.'s proprietary Digital Film Servers.

Shanghai-based GDC ( is positioned to be a global leader in computer graphics content creation and production as well as a leading digital content and feature film distributor via introduction of proprietary digital cinema technology into China. GDC also has well-established licensing, merchandising, event promotion and publishing divisions.