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NATPE News: face2face animation Smiles on NATPE

face2face animation will showcase its latest animated content, including recent work for Conan O'Brien as well as new children's animated characters, at NATPE 2004. New properties include SCRATCH TRIGGER ERROR, a first-person animated series pilot, as well as two new pilots that use face2face's proprietary "ghetto anime" style, which renders 3D images in a 2D approach.

face2face has previously worked with HBO, Nick Digital and is working on several videogame titles, for THQ, VU Games and Disney. Last year, face2face introduced the industry's first talking facial character on a cell phone. The company's face2face productions unit is capable of sophisticated motion-capture work and original content creation. George Caravias, ceo of face2face animation, will be available to meet and demonstrate work.

face2face, ( originally formed as a Lucent Technologies venture in 2000, uses patented technology from Bell Labs that enables semi-automatic creation of highly realistic animated facial characters from regular digital video or still image sources. Face2face's proprietary AlterEgo system is the first animation software to use the MPEG-4 standard, which enables finished content to be delivered over television, Web and wireless networks simultaneously. The AlterEgo system enables animators to create high-quality facial content at far lower costs, and in much faster time frames, than previous solutions. This process enables automatic capture of speech or singing, in any language, as well as the complete range of human emotion.

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