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NATPE News: Eat Your Lunch Busts Loose Bzots

Eat Your Lunch is bringing is new live-action and animated musical series for the 8 and under crowd, titled BZOTS, to NATPE at Booth 1569. The company will have the first two episodes and the first CD on hand at the conference.

Hailing from the factories of Globocrud, Bzots are a trio of colorful robots that have chosen to follow their dreams of becoming a band rather than follow their programmed orders to build Globocrud's vast array of consumable consumer products. Not to be one-upped by his own inventions, Globocrud's mean old ceo and his secret agents are never far behind. Each episode covers a chapter in the lives of Bzots, offering little life lessons presented through skit and song by live-action characters in animated environments.

Eat Your Lunch LLC is an animation and live-action production firm. For more information, contact the company at 106 Calendar Court #115, La Grange, Illinois 60525, call (773) 263-5380 or visit

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