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NATPE News: Cybergraphix & Animation Bridge Bring New Co-Production to NATPE

Cybergraphix Animation recently announced its co-production agreement with Mumbai-based Animation Bridge and Padmalaya Telefilms for 26 half-hours of its action-adventure series GUARDIANS OF LUNA, which it will be bringing to NATPE.

The series (22x26) follows the descendants of an ancient race of werewolves who fight to survive against a ruthless power-hungry mogul. GUARDIANS OF LUNA was co-developed by Emmy Award-winning writer Michael Reaves (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, DISNEY'S GARGOYLES), with design work by veteran Japanese animator/director Osamu Tsuruyama (THE ANIMATRIX, MACROSS) and Sho Murase (GUNDAM WING).

"The main characters are not really the type of people you would expect to be werewolves," said Cybergraphix Animation ceo Avi Melman. "Their personal conflicts and growth over the course of the series help to serve up some very intriguing and exciting storylines."

In addition, Cybergraphix plans to bring other series, which are lined up for delivery in 2004 and 2005, to the conference at booth 1002.

THE INFINITE DARCY (11x52) follows Darcy Chang, a spunky nine-year old Chinese-American girl who has a special gift -- the ability to travel to alternate realities. Her wacky adventures finds her thrust into every situation imaginable, from piloting a spaceship, to being a rock star, to switching places with her cat. The series is a co-production with UTV Toons and Cybergraphix Animation.

Based on the popular fantasy novel by Michael H. Payne, the direct-to-video feature THE BLOOD JAGUAR (80x1) tells the tale of a band of three would-be heroes in a world where man does not exist. Bobcat, Fisher and Skink must travel to find the Blood Jaguar, an ancient goddess who will spread a devastating plague upon the world if not stopped.

MYTH HOUSE (22x26) is a series about world mythology, with a modern perspective. Mythological creatures from around the world come to Emerson Academy to be taught by some of the greatest mythological figures of all time, including Coyote The Trickster and Ananse the Spider. This series is a co-production with Animation Bridge and InnovatExtensions.

In NIGEL V2.0 (22x26), Britain's greatest secret agent has been kidnapped by the sinister Nemesis Supreme, and its up to his son, Nigel Jr. to find him. Along with a tech-savvy American girl named Tabatha, and a robotic cat named 3-Line, Nigel Jr. travels the globe, encountering strange and bizarre villains as he gathers clues to his father's whereabouts. The series is created in Flash.

Cybergraphix Animation is a full-service production facility in Burbank, California with an Emmy Award-winning crew, providing animation, development and production services. For more information, visit

Animation Bridge is a content and production company with a slate of original productions and co-productions in traditional and digital animation. The company has projects with the United States, Canada and Europe.

Incorporated in 1991, Hyderabad, India-based Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd is one of the leading entertainment houses in India with a significant presence in production and distribution of Hindi and regional movies, television production and animation series. The company has a strong library of around 300 movie rights and more than 1,500 hours of television programs.

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