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NATPE News: 15 TV France International Companies Turn Out For NATPE 2004

Reassured that major American studios are back at NATPE, TV France International (TVFI) will be at the market with 15 French production and distribution companies, including 21 foreign sales executives.

TVFI is counting on the incipient economic recovery in the television industry to increase the number of French productions sold to Latin America and North America, the two major markets represented at NATPE, where French productions are bought for their quality, diversity and volume. The United States is the sixth largest consumer of French programs and Frances fourth largest co-production and pre-sales partner, reports TVFI, an organization that promotes TV producers in France.

The TVFI booth 2238 will also be promoting the 10th annual Rendez-Vous French TV Screenings, to be held in Saint-Tropez Sept. 6-10, 2004. Eclair Laboratoire will contribute to the warm atmosphere by sponsoring the stands bar.

Companies represented at the TVFI stand are Adventure Line Productions, Antefilms International/France Animation, Arte France, ASP, CNDP/Sceren, Eclair Laboratoire, Europe Images, International/M5, Fashion TV, France Television Distribution, INA, M6 D.A., Mediametrie/Eurodata TV, Pathe International, Sacha Productions, TF1 International and Upside TV.

Acquisition executives and members may access at the booth the new TV France International Website,, which hosts information on 20,000 program and 160 member-companies, 1,500 video excerpts, and 150 full-length videos in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.