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NASFiC calls for entries

Affiliated with the World Science Fiction Convention, the North AmericanScience Fiction Convention which takes place in Anaheim, California, August26 - 29, 1999, is held whenever the WSFC is outside of North America (as itis this year in Australia). The convention includes hundreds of authors,artists, and filmmakers as speakers; an art show; a dealers room; films;costume competition; dances; parties and more. The film competition acceptsentries in 16mm and VHS (NTSC only), to be judged by a panel of working TVand motion picture producers, writers, and directors, with prizes andscreenings at the convention for the winners. First prize includes US$150 &Graphics Studio Software Suite from NewTek. (Windows/Intel or DEC Alphaplatform owner receives LightWave 3D 6.0, Aura 1.0, and the Film Grain andMotion Pack plug-ins for LightWave 3D. List Price: US$2995. Substituteprize for Macintosh Owner: LightWave 3D 6.0, Film Grain, Motion Pack.)Second and Third Prize includes Aura 1.0, List price US$695. (Substituteprize for Macintosh Owners Inspire 3D 1.0, US$495). Entry deadline is July15, 1999. Films must be no more than 30 minutes in length and eitherscience fiction, fantasy, or horror in theme. An entry fee of $15 must beincluded (make checks out to NASFiC), along with the filmmaker's name,address, and phone number. Include a brief description of the film, itstitle, and main cast and crew credits. Send to: NASFiC Film Contest; c/o G.M. Dazzo; 9027 Larke Ellen Circle; Los Angeles CA 90035-4222. For moreinformation e-mail:; or visit